American view of The Bonus Boys

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Gritty, yet elegant. Heroes and heroines, flawed but courageous in their own ways. And villains so despicable the skin crawls. But, who is the actual villain…Hmmm?

Jan Needle’s The Bonus Boys is a remarkable read, a better-than-classic whodunit. The mystery concoction is thickened by an aggressive British media always in search of a sensational story, intimidated police officials pressed to find the perpetrators and a slimy politician doing…well…what slimy politicians do, and more.

From a newsroom in London, to the squalor of Eastleigh to a chalet in the not-so-tranquil Berkshire countryside, the sometimes bewildered, often conflicted but always persevering pursuers search for the killers.

Though a tense and chilling novel, the characters’ engaging and sometimes hilarious dialog offers the reader an occasional reprieve.

Needle’s book is fabulous…a must-read for those who want to absorb themselves is a raucous mystery.