More on Waggie

Sadie M’Gee, the unfortunate nurse who cooked and ate Wagstaffe’s heart after his accident, is apparently being hounded by the press.

Reporters have been ringing her at work to ask for comments on her “cannibalism.” Pretty embarrassing for someone who works in the A&E department where Wagstaffe was put together after being squashed flat by a lorry.

Sadie, 29, who is a real nurse in Oldham Royal Hospital, blames her father. (That’s me, incidentally.) She wonders if she’ll ever live down the shame and become a matron?

A picture is circulating now of her in her uniform, with her father. Weirdly, she is still smiling.

She even plans to go to Waterstones in the Spindles Precinct in Oldham on Saturday July 4 – either to buy a copy or (more likely) to cause a scene.

And it serves him right.

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