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Have you ever featured in an advent calendar? I have! A couple of days ago I got an email from novelist Barry Hutchison which contained a link to his website Christmas special. This was how he introduced it:

WAGSTAFFE THE WIND-UP BOY by Jan Needle was one of those books that really had an impact on me when I first read it. I discovered the book when I was nine years old. This was the same year I decided I wanted to be an author, and I honestly think the two things are directly connected.

To nine-year-old me, this story of a robotic boy who can pee through his finger was just the bee’s knees. I borrowed it from the library during a visit with my class, and every week one or two of us would be chosen to stand up and talk about the book they had taken home that week.

Being a shy, retiring sort (I was, honest!) I always avoided teacherly eye contact at that point, terrified of being chosen to go up and talk in front of the class. The week I borrowed this book, I volunteered to speak. I was so bursting with excitement about the story that I wanted to share it with everyone in the class. And now I’m sharing it with you, too.

Darker than Dahl, but side-splittingly funny, there’s a lot in this little book to appeal to all ages. Buy it, read it, and then stand up and tell the world how much fun the story is. You can also find out a lot more info on it at the author’s website.

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Barry’s website describes him as the ‘King of Apocalyptic Comedy. Allegedly.’ It’s a good site, with a newsletter (I’ve signed up to) and I’ll be trying out his books asap. ‘Darkly funny horror’ appears to be his bag. Suits me. The link to the site, and advent calendar, is There are more words about Waggie, and a picture of Roy Bentley’s terrific cover.

TALKING OF DARKLY FUNNY HORROR STORIES, I’m happy to say the legal department of Amazon has binned one of the more unpleasant pseudo reviews of Killing Time at Catterick (see post below this one). It’s libellous, dishonest, not far off illiterate, and orchestrated by ARRSE, the unofficial Army website. Pity really. I’d have expected more from the average soldier.

One last thing, for crime lovers. Check this out:

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