Onwards ever onwards

Having survived a long bout of pneumonia, we’re back in business. been hellish cold up here – perhaps i should have listened to my mother, who kept saying there was always a place for me back at home on the south coast. too late now, mum, but thanks anyway.

i’ve just written a profile for author hotline. i used to visit schools a lot until i had a big car crash and was out of it for a few years, but i’m doing more again now. i went to a few schools and colleges last year and had a really good time. so did the kids, i think…
the hotline goes national in march, and you can access me/it on authorhotline.com.

i’m also available to be seen and contemplated (i hope) on contactanauthor.co.uk.

my visits to schools tend to be fun, apart from anything else. and i LOVE school dinners!

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