News of a flattened boy

Wagstaffe, the unfortunate boy who was squashed flat by a lorry just because he threw an egg at the windscreen, rides again!

Now with clockwork guts, he has been appearing in a theatre in the south of England and horrifying parents with his filthy habits and bad behaviour.

Many children have tried to commit their parents to old people’s homes, according to the national press (Sunday Sport).

More permanently, the original book of his adventures, Wagstaffe the Wind-up Boy, has been reprinted, and is now available.

If you order it from the publishers, Back to Front, you get free postage, and a discount! Makes sense to Wagstaffe, but then he’s a “manky little rat.”

Here are the details:
Order directly by going to and buying online, or by going to Amazon or into your local bookshop and providing the ISBN, which is 1-904529-41-0. Books bought on the Back to Front website have a discount and are free of P&P.


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